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"Was very pleased with the outcome. The people I dealt with and communicated with from your office were professional and helpful and courteous. Would recommend your law office to others if [the] opportunity arises. Thanks for your help and expertise."

- Michael -

"The company was amazing! Everything I needed done was done earlier then I could have expected. All I had to do was meet one time and he completed everything for me. There was no lag and no waiting for anything to get done. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone needing these services."

- Ashley -

"Ciccarelli Law Offices was extremely helpful in guiding me through this nerve-wracking experience. All the attorneys made me feel very comfortable about the court experience, and their fees were not unreasonable in any way. I will definitely come back to Ciccarelli Law Offices for any legal matters in the future."

- Anonymous Client -

"I’m 100% happy I chose this law firm. In a time where I was feeling helpless they helped to ease my anxiety and earned every penny for their services. Thank you so much!"

- Ray -

"Mr. Ciccarelli is very professional, and represented me at my hearing himself. The Law offices of Mr. Ciccarelli did an outstanding job, and exceeded my expectations."

- Aninyda -

"Your professionalism and basic concern for my son turned an unhappy event into a valuable and meaningful experience. My hope is to be able to recommend your firm with highest praise. We are thrilled with your expert representation and extraordinary results. Thank you immensely!"

- Janice E. -

"Thank u so much for the excellent representation that was given to me by your company. Job well done!"

- Jennifer -

"Appreciated for everyone's guidance and support at Ciccarelli Law Offices and everyone played a vital role on my behalf. Lee and his office calmed my anxiety and everyone's professionalism was way beyond what I expected. Thank you again. I recommend this firm to everyone. I rate them an A+ firm."

- Gary B. -

"I hired Lee Ciccarelli and his associates to help me in more than one criminal matter and each time he got me better results than I could have hoped for. He gives it to you straight and won't get your hopes higher than the results he can produce. It's obvious to see that he is a very experienced attorney that has dealt with all facets of PA law for a long time. I highly recommend Ciccarelli Law Offices to anyone who is in need of a reasonably priced lawyer that will get results."

- Anonymous Client -

"Lee Cicarelli is both extremely personable and professional. He guided me through a very difficult and intimidating process with his warmth and expertise. I felt confident that he was genuinely concerned with getting the best outcome for me and knew he would work hard to make it happen. I have always been weary of lawyers, but Lee has given me a newfound trust and respect for them. Thank you Lee!!!"

- Grace -

"Lee and his team represented my son in a very serious juvenile criminal matter. At every step they were compassionate and caring, and took the time to explain everything to us, multiple times. We were sure of our son's innocence and we knew we had the right attorney's to represent him. They got him released from detention, and ultimately, they played a large part in the complete withdrawal of all charges. They also took care of the expungement. In addition to Lee, I worked with Adam Bompadre, Alex Bradley, and James Munnely. All were excellent attorneys, skilled at arguing in court and definitely good to have on our side. I highly recommend this firm and will hire them again, should the need arise."

- Anonymous Client -

"Ciccarelli Law firm helped me get through a long legal battle. They continued to talk to me about the processes and what is happening and why things occurred during court sessions to help me to understand what is going on. They are always willing to give me a phone call to check up on how I was doing and if I had any questions throughout the issues that I had to deal with. Thank you for your help!"

- Matthew -

"Ciccarelli Law Offices are the very best Law office I've ever worked with, they answer all of my questions, they treat me like family, they make sure I'm satisfied with there services, they take very good care of me and that's all I can really ask for."

- Anonymous Client -

"The firm did an excellent job of negotiating charges that ended with a very favorable outcome."

- Anonymous Client -

"Mr. Ciccarelli helped resolve a dispute we had with a home contractor. He was professional, sympathetic, patient, responsive, diligent and persistent in resolving the matter in a expeditious manner. I would obtain his counsel in the future if the need arose without hesitation."

- Anonymous Client -

"Outstanding. Highly experienced, responsive and trustworthy. Lee understood my case from the beginning and solved my legal issues and negotiation with expert skill. I highly recommend Lee to solve your problem. He did a great job."

- Anonymous Client -

"Lee Ciccarelli in my opinion is the best lawyer I've ever known. He's always taken very good care of me, he's given me great advice, and he's always answered every one of my questions with clarity. He's always taken me in the right direction, he cares personally for his clients, as he's done with me. He want's what's best, as any client would want from their lawyer. Lee Ciccarelli has taken very good care of me with my legal needs and I greatly appreciate him for that."

- David H. -

"Mr. Ciccarelli's professionalism and client stewardship are phenomenal and exceeded all of my expectations.
[He] made me comfortable with the process and guided my case through successful completion with outstanding attention to detail and client guidance.
I am 100% satisfied."

- Anonymous Client -

"Excellent And Professional..!"

- Anonymous Client -